Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Easy Baby Blanket Tutorial

As promised, a tutorial on how I make my blankets. The process is fairly easy, and I'm definitely getting better at the process. The blanket I made for this tutorial was the best one I've made yet. There were no mistakes or do over's, which is a first for me!

On to the tutorial.
Place the fabrics you choose to use on a flat surface in the payers you want them to be in when the blanket is finished. You can use any fabric or batting that you like. I used the floor for my flat surface. First layer is my bubble plush fabric, face down. Then, the cotton batting. Its very thin and gives just the right amount of fluff. Finally, the design fabric, face up. For this one I used a fall design by Robert Kaufman called Nutmeg.

Keep in mind, your blanket can be any size. I am making this one large, to fit a crib.

Next, you want to pin your layers together so that when you cut and sew they stay together how you want them.

Then, you want to trim excess fabric to a point where you feel comfortable sewing. I usually trim enough so that I don't have to trim after I sew. This is mainly to avoid extra work, and because there is less risk of mis-sewing layers.

My layers.

Sew your layers! It doesn't matter what color thread you use, this will be covered up.

After sewing, you're going to want to pick a color of satin ribbon that goes with your blanket. Sometimes when you buy its even called blanket binding. For this one, I picked orange. Pin your ribbon around the edges leaving about 1 or 2 inches on the ends where you start and finish.

At the corners, I used a mitered edge. This was something that has become easier for me, but initially was pretty difficult to get a nice seam. When you get to the edge, pin the binding as close to the corner as you can, then begin folding over the next side without worrying about the edge. This will automatically create a dog ear corner which you can pin down.

When you finish pinning and you come the the end of your blanket, the last edge can be trimmed to about 1 inch. Then, I cut the ribbon in half leaving a bit of binding to cover the edge so that it isn't left raw. Honestly, I'm terrible at the endings and beginnings.

After cutting, fold at a diagonal.

This one looked, just ok after sewing.

After pinning, start sewing on the far edge of one of your corners. I use a zig zag stitch on the corners, and a straight stitch on the edges.

Now, you're done! I added one of my labels into the seam as I was going along.

Hopefully, that was somewhat helpful, feel free to ask if I was unclear!

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