Friday, September 14, 2012

A blanket for Charlie

Last weekend we attended a baby shower for our good friends and their baby, Charlie.  Charlie was bron only 3 weeks after Griffin, but he was bron at 29 weeks, so he is still in the hospital.  Since I make baby blankets, I figured that would be a good shower gift.  They were going for a green, grey, blue color scheme, so after going through the fabrics I decided on a snake print.  Here is the blanket.

My husband picked out the satin binding, and I really like how it fades from bright green to white.
Here is a more close up of the print

Charlie is a really amazing and strong baby, and it is something you don't think about until you have a baby of your own, and how difficult it must be to see your baby in the hospital.  I don't know if I could do it, and our friends are really brave and tough people for dealing with it so well.  Charlie is 2 months old today and even though he has his ups and downs, I think he is doing pretty great for a tiny little thing!

The theme of the shower was this character
I honestly don't have a clue what the name of this little mouse/chipmunk thingy is, but he is very cute and it was such a good idea to paint decorations on poster board and have them around.  It made quite an impact!

They had photos of Charlie around to look at, and lots of fun games. Here is one where you guess how many tic tacs in the bottle.
And a table where you could write in a memory book for Charlie when he gets older.  Next to it, favors (really yummy chocolate pretzel mushrooms).
And of course, onesie decorating.  After decorating my onesie I realized that I was in a house full of professional artists and mine didn't even come close to comparing.  Still fun! There is Jeremy (husband) decorating his onesie.
Prior to the baby shower we had to send in baby photos of ourselves and turns out that we were turned into a game.  We had to guess who the babies were!  This game was difficult for me because I didn't know very many of the people at the shower, but I helped Jeremy out and he ended up winning!  He won a box of chocolate covered almonds, which I ate because he hates nuts!  Looks like I was a winner anyway.
Overall, a successful party.  We can't wait for Charlie to come home and play with Griffin soon.  I'm sure they will be good buds!

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