Friday, September 28, 2012

Monthly photo


I've been taking monthly photos since Griffin was one month old, and here is his progression so far.  I love this boy and I can't believe he is growing so quickly right in front of my eyes.  He smiles all day, and talks non-stop.  He likes funny noises and funny faces.  He likes to sleep in our bed.  He takes long naps and likes to cuddle.  He likes singing and sitting up.  He is amazing.

Lots of people have been saying what a great idea this is, and its really easy to do!

-Go to your local craft store and get something to photograph with your baby.  I got a slice of wood, which I then painted with chalkboard paint.
-Pick an item that you have that you can use as a size marker with your baby. I use this pug stuffed animal that came from Hallmark.
-Clothing - you can use the exact same generic outfit purchased in multiple sizes.  You can get stickers on etsy that say the months that you can stick on any onesie.  I chose navy blue and stripes as a theme.  Depending on what I may find that fits this beast of a boy, I know I can easily find something in navy blue each month.  I actually bought a different outfit for his 3 month photos and he looked like a stuffed sausage in it, so I opted to change him mid-shoot into the polo.
-Take a photo in the same place each month.  It is hard for me to know exactly how far away I was from the chair, and unless you like to keep tape on your floor, I suggest taking tons of photos.  I think I took at least 30 today.  That way I had lots of choose from.

I plan on taking this photo every month for 12 months.  After that I will probably go to every 6 months, then after age 2, every year.  Who knows how long it will last.  As long as he lets me.

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