Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gdiapers drying solution

I thought I'd share with you all my methods of washing and drying my gDiapers.  The best part about gDiapers is that you really only have to use 2 a day, and sometimes you can get away with 2 days of use on the outsides, if all things go well.  When its time to change the diaper, I get another one all ready to go, take off the old one, and put on the new one.  Easy enough.  Then I just flush the insert of the old one, and then I can reuse the whole diaper for the next change.

UNLESS, there is a poop.  I didn't mention this before but we use disposables at night.  Buddha sleeps one 3-4 hour stretch, then a 6 hour stretch until his "wake up" at 5am.  Thats to say, he goes back to sleep, but only for 2 hours at a time until 8pm, typically.  gDiapers are really only absorbant enough to last 4 hours MAX, usually 2 hours, and I'm not about to make some weird combo of cloth/biodegradable inserts that some people recommend.  I usually hope that he will poop in the disposables.  Lately, thats not the case.

Thats when things get a little more complicated.  Poop ALWAYS gets on the liner.  Its supposed to, so thats not a big deal.  I always have some extra on hand just for this reason.  I can sometimes snap out the liner, snap a new one in, and be on my merry way.  I have a very kicky, wiggly baby, who without fail will put his feet right in the poop, then all over the clean cloth outside.  Into the laundry that all goes (after a rinse off in the bathtub or kitchen sink).

I usually do laundry (one load) twice a week, or twice a day :)  Depends on the day and the things that need washing.  You can absolutely dry gDiapers, but the color fades rather quickly.  Here is my drying solution for the liners and the cloth outsides.

I lay out the liners, making sure they are all puffed out to dry.  Then, I hang the outsides up with clothespins.  They usually dry overnight.

When I was using size small, I only had 7 diapers, so my routine was a little different since I needed more diapers each day (especially due to the leaks towards the end).  I would hand wash the diapers that were dirty each night in the sink, then hang them to dry.  Then, when I was doing a laundry load, I would add them all in expect for one to use in the AM.  Glad that is over!

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