Thursday, September 6, 2012

Getting Scared

I felt like such a bad Mama today when I scared little Buddha.  Poor guy.  He was sitting in his bouncer and I was bouncing him with my foot, as I do when he needs to sleep.  I found that he falls asleep well this way.  This morning he was sitting in his chair and staring wide eyed at the computer screen.  I sat there and watched him, and after a couple minutes I sang his name.  It wasn't loud or frightening, but I guess he was far off in la-la land because he jumped a foot in the air, got a big pouty lip, and started screaming.

I felt so terrible.  I cuddled him and sang to him, said I was sorry over and over again.  He HATES his pacifier, which I try to give him sometimes when there is no other solution.  I offered it to him while I cuddled him and he sucked so hard.  He really needed some comforting.  He fell asleep pretty quickly and I put him back down.  Poor little guy!

Here he is while falling back asleep.  You can still see the little tear on his face!

It is funny how little babies gain awareness towards the things around them.  I remember a few weeks ago we could make sudden loud noises, and it wouldn't faze him.  He would continue sleeping, not even flinching.  Now, he frightens easily.  I wonder what's in store for us next...

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