Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

We had a pretty fun Labor Day weekend!  We went to Great Park in Irvine and rode in the big balloon.  It is helium filled and can hold up to 30 people depending on the wind.  When we went up, it was only 10, and there was a slight breeze.  I was afraid Buddha would sleep through it all, as infants will do, but he was awake!  Here we are up at the top.

And here is little Buddha gazing up at the orange balloon.
He was squealing with delight as we made our way down.  

After that we made our way to the Gruncles  (Griffin's great Uncles) for dinner, swimming, and drinks.  It was a wonderful Sunday.  On Monday we made our way to the hospital to visit two of our best friends, that made a best friend for our little one!  Here is Buddha and his 1 day old best friend!  Buddha had to wear a little hospital bracelet to prove he was ours.  To think such a big boy would be mistaken for a newborn...
We were visited by Pinkie the Cookie Clown, which was impossible not to take a bunch of pictures of.  Here is the new daddy holding our baby, with Pinkie, of course.  She was a 90 year old woman that dresses up and gives out cookies to new parents.  What a hoot!
Our last stop was our favorite go to burger joint, Red Robin.  Their pretzel buns are back.  We even indulged in a salted caramel shake, which was delicious.  Buddha always has to eat before we do.  He seems to know when it is meal time, which is nice.

Overall, a good holiday weekend!

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