Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Merry Muscles Baby Jumper

Making the decision on which baby jumper to buy is a difficult one.  Most of them come equipped with lots of toys and things that make noises, which I'm not a huge fan of when there are other goals to be accomplished.  After reading lots of reviews I decided on the Merry Muscles Baby Jumper.  Thanks ro "Uncle" Matt for getting this for Griffin.

Merry Muscles is a Canadian based company that makes this jumper for babies, and larger ones for special needs adults.  Merry Muscles is great for little boys because it is not a "crotch dangler" as some carries and most jumpers are.  This one allows the baby to sit and supports at the hip.  

They claim that in the beginning your child may not jump, that they might just enjoy sitting and watching life happen around them.  I definitely think this is important!  Unfortunately this is what Griffin does in the jumper every time I put him in it.  

What is he doing you ask?  He is staring at these snaps that are inside of the front piece.  They look like little "eyes" and he loves them.  He does nothing else but sit and stare at these. 

The only downside to the jumper is that you have to screw into your ceiling or doorframe to hang it unless you live in a really old house.  They do sell a clamp if you have really tiny door frames.  Ours are WAY too big so we ended up just using the screw.  It is really secure, and that way you don't have to pay for the $35 cost of the clamp plus crazy expensive shipping from Canada.

Overall, the jumper is great.  You can clip toys to the upper ring if you're looking to entertain other than jumping.  Hopefully soon Griffin will be jumping.  For now he sits and stares, but he isn't even 3 months old.  What can I ask for?

This is not a sponsored post, I just like the jumper!

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