Monday, September 10, 2012

First time in the Bumbo

Griffin is getting so good at holding up his head.  He is quite wobbly still, but he improves every day!
Here he is just sitting up.
Apparently the Bumbo was recently recalled because children were getting injured by falling out of them.  I have to say that this must be due to parents not paying attention to their children in the seat.  My little squish needs to really be shoved into place in this thing.  There is no falling out.  Maybe once he gets a little older?  I mean, this thing only has like 4 months of usage time.  By 6 months he will be sitting up on his own hopefully and won't need the bumbo.  

Bumbo has sent off a little belt strap that you are supposed to attach to the seat, but honestly, that is going to do nothing and I don't really plan on attaching it.  If you've put your child unrestrained in a seat on a high table or on a chair, and he is wiggly, and he falls off, please don't blame the company for not attaching a silly little belt.  I think by sending out this belt it tells parents that its ok to continue using the bumbo without supervision.
As you can see, he is very wobbly.  All this neck progression has happened in the last week, and I am proud of my big boy, and sad that he is just that.  So big.

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