Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Early teething signs and tools

As I mentioned yesterday, we might have a teething baby on our hands.  It seems a little early for teething, but he is definitely showing the signs.

- drooling - This kid's shirt is always soaked in the front.  There is always the danger of a glob of drool landing on you.  He is coughing a bit, which is also a sign of excessive drool.  If you put him on his tummy, get ready for the floor to be soaked!  Check out his shirt...

- gnawing - If its by his mouth, he bites it.  He will also make this cute growling/cartoonish biting sound.  Imagine if you had to make the sound of chewing.  Thats what he does.  Here is poor Charlie getting his nose chewed.

-crying - This could be attributed to the growth spurt, but who knows....

-waking - He occasionally wakes up from naps screaming, just to fall back asleep right away without help.  He is also sleeping less, which I commented yesterday that could be from the growth spurt.

-the last sign is not eating, which he is NOT doing.

To aid in this teething dilemma, we thought maybe purchasing some teething objects that had characteristics that his stuffies and hands couldn't accomplish, would help.  After debating in Babies R Us, here is what we chose.

The Mam mini cooler with clip. 
We chose this because it was small, and you could freeze it.  The ring seemed like it would be easy to hold.  Clip is a bonus.  Mam is awesome because they have a whole teething series as your child gets older.  This one is for 2 months and up.

 RaZ-Berry teething pacifier
We picked this one because, again, easy to hold, and its kind of like a pacifier.  The bumps are supposed to soothe the gums, and as an added bonus, its cute and I like raspberries.
 Sassy Teething washcloth
We got the grape one.  While we were in the store a woman said that her child liked sucking/chewing on frozen washcloths.  We don't really have any baby sized washcloths, so we opted for this.  I haven't washed it yet, so no real review.

When baby is crying, I've been trying the teething items, but nothing really works.  Maybe he isn't teething, but for some reason he is starting to look like a vampire with those pokey white-ish gums.  The cold seems to be weird for him... he does seem to like the RaZ teether.

They say babies can 'teethe' months before the first tooth actually comes in.

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