Friday, October 19, 2012


I will start by saying that I don't own a single piece of white clothing.  My husband doesn't (besides undershirts), and my son doesn't.  I don't know what it is about white, I just don't like it when it comes to clothing. 

I had a bunch of new, some used, white clothes for the baby, and I decided that I could dye them all, some to sell (the new), and some to wear (the used).

I stopped my the store and picked up these materials.  Normally I wouldn't buy the tulip brand, as its not as high quality as the other dye, but I wanted the squirt bottle that came with the pack.

 Here is what came in the Tulip Pack.  The gloves and squirt bottle were what I wanted.

First step is to soak you shirts in HOT water.  
Next, squeeze them out and twist as desired.

Here is a little tutorial on the standard tie-dye pattern.

I laid out all my pieces onto a trash bag (any non-porous work surface will do).  I didn't twist all the pieces as shown above.  Some were secured in a stripe pattern, and some had multiple twists.

Here is where your creativity comes into play.  Mix the dye as specified on the package.  I did the colors separately because I only had one squirt bottle.  Ideally, you would have as many as you have colors.

Then, squirt your shirts.  I did combinations of brown and blue, and brown and green.  A couple ended up all blue, all brown, and one all green.  The less white you want, the more dye you squirt into the cracks of your shirt bundle.  This IS NOT an exact science.  The beauty of tie-dye is that it is a surprise!

After letting the dye sit overnight, unravel each piece and rinse well in the sink or a bucket.  You can then do a load of laundry with the rinsed items (cold, extra rinse).

Here are my results.  As you can see, the green isn't as true to color as the blue and brown (terra cotta).  That is due to the quality of the dye. 

When I have the time, most will be up in the shop once I add my special touches!

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