Thursday, October 11, 2012

Joining "My Gym"

This week I finally decided to sign Griffin up for "My Gym".  Its basically like a gymboree for kids of all ages.  Its a Mommy and Me type class until 3 years old I think.  Today was the first class.

I was a bit nervous because the class falls right in the middle of nap time.  As suspected, he was fine until halfway through, where he had a meltdown.  Class continued on as I had to bounce him around with his pacifier until he fell asleep.

The other mom's said that it was normal for the first time, but I wanted to say, "he is not overwhelmed, 11:45 is a terrible time for a baby class, he is tired".  Instead I said, "oh, ok good, hopefully next time will be better".  I have 1 week to switch around this little bugger's schedule, which I hope will be successful.

He fell asleep during swing time, so after he fell asleep I stuck him on the big swing and he woke up and chilled out for a while.  He cried again when the teacher showed me what to work on for next time which is :  flying like an airplane, reaching up and saying 'up', and I'm supposed to learn the words to "Peter Pointer", which I know already.

It goes like this :
Peter Pointer’s up and Peter Pointer's down
Peter Pointer’s dancing all around the town
Dance him on your shoulders, dance him on your head
Dance him on your knees then tuck him into bed.

I can't wait until next time

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