Monday, October 15, 2012

Easy Candy Corn Layer Cake

I linked to this cake on my pinterest page last week, and decided to take Sunday to make this cake.  It's from box mix, so its pretty easy...

We took a trip to the store to get the ingredients that I needed, and here we go!

2 white cake boxes, 4 frosting, oil, 6 eggs, yellow and orange food coloring, candy corn.

 First, I mixed the two box mixes separately.

 Then, I separated the batter into 5 bowls, each representing the 5 layers the cake will have.

 I added the food coloring to 4 of the bowls, leaving one white for the white layer.

 I only had 2 pans, so I had to do 3 baking sessions.  This worked out well because then I could wait for the layers to cool separately, and work on the frosting as I went.  I started baking with the bottom layers first.

 As each layer cooled, I added some frosting and stacked the layers waiting for them to cool in between each layer.  As you can see my cake is lopsided, and not flat.  Its a learning experience!

 After the whole cake cooled I added a final layer of frosting over the whole thing, and my decorations.

This was my first attempt at a layer cake, and it turned out alright.  Each layer could have used more frosting in between, and I could have used a more saturated food coloring for the darker colors.  I think this cake is definitely halloween party worthy (although I made my husband take it to work!)  I might make this type of cake for any holiday, with different colors!

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